The Dive | Patch 10.15, Parlay Bets, and Evaluating Cloud9's Choices


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This week on The Dive presented by Honda (S4 E29), Phreak fills in for Azael who's moving into a new place this week. The gang dig into Patch 10.15, Lillia, the potential return of Siege Caitlyn and making Parlay Bets. They also analyze Cloud9's unique draft and itemization choices against Team Liquid in their Week 7 match and round up where the rest of the LCS falls. Is it time to push the panic button for C9 or not?

Join us on the Parlay Bet! Pick 3 outcomes from the list below for the remainder of the split and let us know why you picked them. 3 need to come true.

  • Non-C9 member wins MVP
  • TL wins the regular season outright (no tiebreaker)
  • CLG wins two games
  • TSM wins out
  • Huni has two or more deathless games

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