The Devil's Music 33: Amanda Diebert


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Amanda Diebert is multi-talented and her creativity knows no bounds. She’s an author, actor and hosts the podcast “Café At The End of The World. A New York Times Bestselling comic book writer, her credits are too numerous to mention. Same goes for television writing; she’s scripted shows for almost every network and streaming platform including “Masters of The Universe” and He Man” for Netflix. She’s also got a new graphic novel out, a noir lesbian detective story, “Work For A Million”. In this episode, Amanda and hostess Pleasant Gehman swap stories from the horror film they worked on together, discuss comics galore, Amanda’s Southern Pentecostal upbringing, poltergiests, Ouija boards and what happens when you suspect the remote rural cottage you’ve booked is actually a murder house.

Twitter: @amandadiebert

Instagram: @amandadiebert

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