TDF Talks with Florist Gina Lasker of Georgie Boy


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Gina Lasker is one of Melbourne's most talented independent florists, with an intuitive, layered and textural approach to floral installation. She's worked in the floral game for more than a decade, assisting a number of established florists in both Melbourne and Sydney, before opening her own floral studio, Georgie Boy, in 2015.

Georgie Boy initially launched with a portfolio website, built using Squarespace. But earlier this year, when lockdown restrictions seriously affected Gina's business, she turned to the website building platform again, this time to create an online store for a flower subscription service, which turned out to be an unexpectedly successful side hustle!

In our latest podcast episode, we chat with Gina about her career journey, and the pivot project that re-energised her floristry business in 2020.

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