Ep. 125 - Ryan David Green & Cameron Hood of Ryanhood


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Guest Info/Bio: This week I welcome Ryan David Green & Cameron Hood of the band Ryanhood. Named 'Best Group/Duo' in 2014 International Acoustic Music Awards, acoustic duo Ryanhood began as street-performers at Boston's Quincy Market. It was there that they were spotted by a college booking agent and thrust into the college touring scene, where Campus Activities Magazine would name them "one of the most requested acts by college buyers all across the country." They've since gone on to perform more than a thousand shows in 45 U.S. states over the past decade, and have shared stages with Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, Train, and many more.

Guest Links:


YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/RyanhoodVideos

Twitter: @ryanhood

Instagram: @RyanhoodMusic

Facebook: @RyanhoodMusic

Enjoy the songs on this episode? Songs featured were: "Under the Leaves, Wide Awake in a Dream, and The Fight" from the album, Under the Leaves & "I Didn't Put Anything Into Your Place" from the album, After Night Came Sun.

You can find Ryanhood's must on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere good music is sold!

This episode was mixed and produced by Nicolas Rowe and edited by John Williamson.

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