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Data Governance is the cornerstone of every successful data management program, but it is often associated with suffocating rigidity, great cost, and unclear ROI. How can we get it right? Today I speak with George Firican to find out! George is the Director of Data Governance & Business Intelligence at The University of British Columbia, the creator of LightsOnData, and one of the most brilliant, humble, and friendly data professionals in my network. Full Transcripts:


The Data Project is a journey to bridge the gap between data users and data practitioners. The goal is to help organizations understand the value of their fourth intangible asset and manage it well so that they can keep looking after their most important relationships at scale.


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My name is Loris Marini and I am your host! After exploring the world of quantum mechanics I stumbled into data science. As it turned out, data was fragmented and unreliable, so most of my work was on data architecture and data engineering. Today I help organizations manage and use their data to protect and grow their most important relationships.

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