12. "05 11 21: Summerslam Preview..."


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Daddy Fino and Sasha "The Legit" King are BACKKKKK with episode 12 of The Daddy Fino Show for the huge summer party that is happening this week in the world of wrestling. This episode gets all of you ready for the huge events going down this week starting with the potential return to wrestling and debut of CM Punk aka THE BEST IN THE WORLD aka The Voice Of The Voiceless at AEW Rampage: The First Dance, The Wrestlemania of the Summer SummerSlam in Las Vegas, ANDDDD NXT TakeOver 36. Fino and Sasha bring back their prediction competition for the 1st ever Daddy Fino Show Straight Facts Prediction Championship that will be given out at Wrestlemania next year as they predict all 15 announced matches at SummerSlam and TakeOver 36. Also in this action packed show, Fino and Sasha discuss the NEW Impact World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage, the future of Adam Cole BAY BAY, and is Britt Baker D M D the NEW MAN of the wrestling world.

Hope you enjoy.

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