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Host: Heather Johnston
Guest: Bex of YouTube Out Seeking Rainbows
Have you watched the van life videos and wondered how you could get started with a more nomadic life? Do you wish you saw more Gen-X women on YouTube representing our awesomeness? Meet Bex from the YouTube channel Out Seeking Rainbows. Bex along with her dog, Lady, have just started their solo van life pivot. After traveling with her daughter, Loui of Adventure Time Loui, all over the lower 48 they purchased land in Alaska in mid 2021 and started a new adventure as land owners. At the time of recording they were back in the lower 48 and embarking on a whole new adventure. Listen in for the highs and lows, twists and turns, and how amazing a nomadic life can be.
Bex's life mantra is "Find your Freedom."
With a background in Organizational Management, she founded KVA in 2019 in order to free herself to pursue her travel dreams. Since 2019, Bex has been successfully partnering virtually with clients throughout the United States to help streamline and grow their businesses. Today, using her Youtube channel Bex's focus and passion lie in helping emerging adventurers launch themselves into their dreams of traveling while pursuing their creative and business goals through her Outside the Box message.
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Here's Loui's info too because we love her and if it wasn't for Loui I wouldn't have discovered Bex :
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