How Breathwork Can Lead to Breakthrough - Susan Giddens,


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"Breathwork is a door to step through to find out what I believe about me" says Susan Giddens. Coach Suz is a Breathwork Facilitator, Personal Growth Coach, Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, Adventure Seeker, and Aunt to an amazing niece and two incredible nephews. Many years ago, as a leader in biotechnology, Susan found her passion in coaching. Today, she melds coaching and breathwork together to help people expand and grow; to help them dig deep within to live fulfilling passionate purpose-driven lives.
Her six week program called The Quest, starts on June 3rd. Sign up at the link below. If you are listening to this episode at a later date visit her website and follow her on IG to get the latest info on the programs she is currently offering.
The Quest Sign Up:
OPI Coaching Website:
IG @OPICoaching
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