Selling Your Home - How to Pivot - Erin Monahan


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Host: Heather Johnston
Guest: Erin Monahan
Selling your home can be such an emotional journey. If you are looking at moving locations as part of your own life pivot, having a trusted realtor can make the process much less daunting. Much like having a coach to help you move from burnout to possibility, having a realtor who can coach you through the selling process makes all the difference in your dreams becoming a reality.
Erin Monahan is a professional realtor and photographer who specializes in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, and is adding the Northern Oregon coast to her portfolion. We discuss how to prepare for a home sale, understanding your why, customizing your plan for selling, and landing happlily on the otherside.
Looking to make a creative pivot of your own? Having a coach by your side to develop a plan is just as important in life as in real estate. Book a free coaching consult call at While you are there you can also sign up for my mailing list and receive my newsletter launching April 1st (no kidding). Follow on IG: @thecreativpivot
Erin's Bio:
There is an artistry to real estate. In the dynamic real estate industry, buyers and sellers need more than an adept salesperson. Erin specializes in making her client’s vision a reality.

Growing up in the industry, Erin understands firsthand the compassion, coaching, and savvy it takes to be a next-level realtor. With every client, she provides an exceptional client experience, using her diverse background so that your home buying and selling experiences are meaningful. With a corporate career in product management at industry-leading companies, Erin has excelled in various capacities, from providing top-notch customer service to managing multi-million dollar businesses. Just like her time in global product creation and marketing, real estate is a very complex process with many moving parts, so it is critical to have a partner who will help you through the entire home journey

When she is not guiding clients to their dream home sale or purchase, you’ll often find Erin with a camera in hand, diving into home design or exploring the great PNW outdoors.
IG: @hellohomebyerin
IG for photography: @erinelizabethphotographypdx
Website: Erin Monahan, Inhabit Real Estate

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