How to Create a Publishing House with Love - Dr. Tina Welsome


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This episode is a discussion about investing in yourself, and how showing your self love and compassion can create that feeling of possibility in your life. To stay up to date on all future podcast episodes make sure you subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. If this episode resonates with you please share so that we can grow the reach of these conversations.
Our guest this week is Dr. Kristina Tickler Welsome, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Owner of The Key To Wellness and The Key Publishing House, a Holistic Life Transformation Coach, and International Bestselling Author.


Dr. Tina Welsom Author Page

Facebook profile: Kristina Tickler Welsome

Facebook page: The Key Publishing House

Facebook group: The Key To Wellness, Soul Nourishing Conversations

Twitter: Kristina Welsome

Instagram: @thekeytowellness.tina, @thekeypublishinghouse

LinkedIn: Kristina Welsome

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