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When was the last time you said yes to yourself? Do you have a creative idea that is brewing? Want to try a new career but worried about what others may think? Never underestimate the power of a community that just wants you to say yes to yourself, to your ideas, to the person that you want to show up as in this world.
My guest today is Marli Williams, the founder and Head Camp Counselor at Camp Yes for Women. In September 2021, I showed up for me at Camp Yes and I think I have become a bit of a Camp yes evangelist. I want all women to experience events in their lives where women come together in community to support the power of yes.
On this episode Marli and I talk about:
Camp Yes & Club Yes- You can sign up here and if you use the code YES you get $100 off your registration.
Activate Your Purpose - Online Virtual Event 4/30 & In Person Event 5/1
Everything else Marli -
IG: @marliwilliams
FB: @themarliwilliams
Marli Williams is an international interactive keynote speaker, play activist, and joy instigator who has worked with organizations such as Nike, United Way, Doordash, along with many colleges and schools across the United States. She first fell in love with transformational leadership as a camp counselor when she was 19 years old. That experience led her to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Education. She then spent five years as a wilderness guide working with inner city youth to empower them to build confidence, courage and clarity in who they are.

After getting her Master’s Degree in Education along with 15 years of leadership experience, Marli decided to give herself permission to be the “Professional Camp Counselor” she knew she was born to be. Marli is the founder and director of Camp YES!™, a transformational summer camp experience that has empowered hundreds of women say YES! to themselves. Marli’s ultimate mission is to help incredible people and organizations start taking bold action to be the leaders and changemakers they’ve always wanted to be through the power of play and cultivating joy everyday.
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Host: Heather Johnston, LIfe & Career Transition Coach
Guest: Marli Williams, Master Facilitator, Leadership Trainer & Joy Instigator

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