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Are you dreaming of making a change in your life but not sure where to start? Have you stopped yourself from changing careers or opening business thinking you are too old, or not enough experience? Are you suffering from burnout and don't know where to turn? How do you figure out that next first step? On The Creative Pivot we introduce practical advice on how to discover the work you are meant to do, live a life aligned with your core values, and create plenty of space for creative possibilities. We also invite women just like you who decided that they wanted to change their lives, to forge their own path, and to create a true work-life balance, which has less to do with the hours you work and more to do with loving your work and knowing your purpose. Hosted by Life and Career Transition Coach Heather Johnston. Heather made her own creative pivot after suffering burnout and realizing that the work she was spending her days doing had moved further and further away from what she really loved. She took her love for organizational and staff development and created her coaching & consulting practice, The Creative Pivot. Visit to sign up for free coaching consultation.

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