Annie Kadavy (RedPoint Ventures) – How she invested in Patreon, Classpass and DoorDash, What Are Investible business models, and Lessons Learned as a Founder


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Our guest today is Annie Kadavy, Managing Director at RedPoint Ventures. Redpoint partners with exceptional entrepreneurs starting at the earliest stages of the climb some of her investments include Tend, Shash, and SIlk & Sonder. We discuss her introduction to entrepreneurship building in her garage, tiptoeing the line throughout her career between operator and investor, the business models she’s intrigued by and investible in her opinion. Without further ado, here’s Annie.

We discuss:

  • Building products in her garage
  • How she founded BetterSitter
  • Becoming a GP at CRV Ventures
  • How she invested ClassPass, DoorDash, Patreon
  • What it was like working at Uber
  • Why she joined RedPoint Ventures


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