How to not get f*cked


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This is an episode with Lucio Buffalmano , Lucio's purpose and life goal is to advance, codify, and teach a fresh and groundbreaking approach to social and life skills based on a new discipline: power dynamics. To begin with, most social skills and social strategies resources failed to properly address the "darker side" of (human) nature. Call that approach "naive

self-help". Consequently, he created power moves, an organisation that aims to help you get the best from yourself and navigate.

This is a fascinating episode where we look at some of the sharks and dodgey situations I have faced in comedy. Hopefully it can help you deal with some of these situations so you do not have to face them on your comedy journey . This is a topic that will definitely be visited again at some point soon. Please give me some feedback with the episode and let me know what you think on If you would like to know more about Lucio you can reach him on his website at

If you would like to know more about Marvin, you can reach him on all social media platforms at riceandchips1.

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