Episode 255: Neurology VMR – Frequent Falls


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We continue our campaign to #EndNeurophobia, with the help of Dr. Aaron Berkowitz. This time, CPSolvers team member Rafael Medina presents a case of frequent falls for CPSolvers team member Yazmin and Alice.

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Rafael Medina dos Santos


Rafael Medina dos Santos is a Brazilian medical graduate. Before medicine, Rafael wanted to be a teacher. Unsurprisingly, he loves everything related to teaching and learning, so his passion for the CPSolvers’ mission was only natural. He’s applying this 2023 match season for internal medicine. Beyond medicine, Rafael loves fiction books/movies, pop music, and singing Disney songs.

Yazmin Heredia Allegretti


Yazmin is a Medical Graduate from Mexico, looking forward to applying to an Internal Medicine Residency in the U.S. She is passionate about medical education, health equity, and clinical reasoning and believes knowledge (as well as healthcare) must be accessible to everyone. She looks forward to collaborating with doctors and students worldwide to create the best evidence-based resources to impulse medical practice and patient care. Aside from medicine, you will find her taking care of her wide collection of plants, developing her skills in the fine arts, volunteering for any project she can find, or learning new languages.

Alice Falck

Alice is a 5th-year medical student from Berlin, currently working on her MD doctoral thesis to contribute to the pathophysiology of temporal lobe epilepsy. She aspires to be a neurologist and is interested in neuroscience, electrophysiology, and of course clinical reasoning. She is passionate about gender equality in general and especially in Medicine. In her free time, she loves discussing movies with friends and eating great food.

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