College for Church Techs with Ryan Loche [The Belonging Co]


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Should church techs go to college if they’ve already got a job offer?
If they’re halfway through college, should they drop out for a job offer to be a church tech full time?
Ryan Loche is the academic director at the Beloningco college and a PhD student at Liberty University. He joins us to discuss education’s role in a church tech director’s life.
In this episode you'll hear:

  • 0:40 Toby’s college years
  • 4:36 We introduce Ryan Loche at the FILO conference
  • 8:23 Running 1,500 light cues at once
  • 10:20 Meeting Weird AL Yankovic
  • 12:20 The Belonging Co Origin Story
  • 14:10 The next generation of church tech directors
  • 22:05 Should church techs go to college?
  • 25:12 The practical side of college for church techs
  • 27:15 Post covid burnout for church techs
  • 31:00 Hard conversations course
  • 34:00 What we miss out on by dropping out of college
  • 35:30 Tech Takeaway on having fun as a team & forgiving mistakes


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