Rachel Berry (Part Two) – Character study & song rankings


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The time has come to provide character analysis for our leading woman, Rachel Berry. A couple highs and many lows make up Rachel's story and we're getting into it all. For part two of six, we will talk through Rachel in season 2. At the end, we take all of Rachel's featured songs and reveal the final rankings based on voting from both hosts as well as anyone who participated in the song surveys! For part two, you'll hear #90-71 of Rachel's song rankings. The *106* songs up for discussion in the rankings are: Solos: 1x01: On My Own 1x02: Take A Bow 1x04: Taking Chances 1x10: Crush 1x13: Don’t Rain on My Parade 1x14: Gives You Hell 2x01: What I Did For Love 2x02: … Baby One More Time 2x02: The Only Exception 2x03: Papa Can You Hear Me? 2x09: Merry Christmas Darling 2x12: Firework 2x14: My Headband 2x16: Only Child 2x16: Get it Right 2x19: Go Your Own Way 2x20: Jar of Hearts 2x21: My Man 3x09: River 3x10: Without You 3x14: Here’s to Us 3x16: How Deep is Your Love 3x18: Cry 3x20: I Won’t Give Up 3x21: It’s All Coming Back to Me Now 3x22: Roots Before Branches 4x02: Oops I Did it Again 4x09: Being Good Isn’t Good Enough 4x09: O Holy Night 4x12: Torn 4x19: Don’t Stop Believin’ 4x22: To Love You More 5x01: Yesterday 5x03: Make You Feel My Love 5x14: People 5x17: Love Fool 5x17: I’m the Greatest Star 5x17: Pumpin’ Blood 5x18: Wake Me Up 5x18: The Rose 5x20: Glitter in the Air 6x01: Uninvited 6x01: Let It Go 6x06: Promises, Promises 6x13: This Time Duets: 1x05: Maybe This Time (with April) 1x07: No Air (with Finn) 1x09: Defying Gravity (with Kurt) 1x10: Endless Love (with Will) 1x12: Smile (with Finn) 1x14: Hello (with Jesse) 1x15: Open Your Heart/Borderline (with Finn) 1x19: I Dreamed a Dream (with Shelby) 1x20: Poker Face (with Shelby) 1x22: Faithfully (with Finn) 2x01: Telephone (with Sunshine) 2x04: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (with Finn) 2x04: Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again (with Kurt) 2x05: Damn It, Janet (with Finn) 2x07: Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag (with Holly) 2x09: Don’t Cry for me Argentina (with Kurt) 2x10: Last Christmas (with Finn) 2x11: Need You Now (with Puck) 2x13: Take Me or Leave Me (with Mercedes) 2x14: Don’t You Want Me (with Blaine) 2x18: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty (with Quinn) 2x20: Rolling in the Deep (with Jesse) 2x22: For Good (with Kurt) 2x22: Pretending (with Finn) 3x01: Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (with Kurt) 3x02: Somewhere (with Shelby) 3x03: Out Here on My Own (with Mercedes) 3x05: Tonight (with Blaine) 3x05: A Boy Like That (with Santana) 3x05: One Hand One Heart (with Blaine) 3x07: I Kissed a Girl (with Santana) 3x09: Extraordinary Merry Christmas (with Blaine) 3x10: We Found Love (with Santana) 3x17: So Emotional (with Santana) 3x20: Flashdance… What a Feeling (with Tina) 4x01: New York State of Mind (with Marley) 4x03: A Change Would Do You Good (with Brody) 4x04: Give Your Heart a Break (with Brody) 4x09: All That Jazz (with Cassandra) 4x13: Bring Him Home (with Kurt) 4x16: How to Be a Heartbreaker (with Brody) 4x17: Creep (with Brody) 4x19: Next to Me (with Shelby) 5x01: A Hard Day’s Night (with Santana) 5x02: Get Back (with Kurt) 5x05: You Are Woman, I Am Man (with Paolo) 5x09: Brave (with Santana) 5x09: Every Breath You Take (with Santana) 5x10: Barracuda (with Starchild) 5x13: Be Okay (with Santana) 5x14: Don’t Sleep in the Subway (with Artie) 5x15: Broadway Baby (with Blaine) 5x17: Who Are You Now (with Sue) 6x01: Suddenly Seymour (with Blaine) 6x04: A Thousand Miles (with Sam) 6x06: I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (with Sam) 6x07: Time After Time (with Sam) 6x11: Listen to Your Heart (with Jesse) 6x12: Popular (with Kurt) Group Features: 1x05: Somebody To Love 1x07: Keep Holding On 1x17: Total Eclipse of the Heart 1x18: One 1x22: Anyway You Want it/Lovin Touchin Squeezin 2x16: Loser Like Me 3x21: Paradise By the Dashboard Light 4x14: We’ve Got Tonite Follow us on Twitter: @choirroompod E-mail us! Feedback, ideas, fact-checks, anything! choirroompodcast@gmail.com Want to help financiall

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