Kurt Hummel (Part Two) – Character study & song rankings


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Kurt Hummel is here! Porcelain, your time is now. Another member of the New Directions original six, it's time to talk through Kurt's story. Part two focuses on Kurt's graduation in season 3 and transition to NYC in season 4! At the end, we take all of Kurt's featured songs and reveal the final rankings based on voting from both hosts as well as anyone who participated in the song surveys! For part two, you'll hear #30-16 of Kurt's song rankings. The 46 songs up for discussion in the rankings are: Solos: 1x18: Rose’s Turn 2x03: I Want To Hold Your Hand 2x04: Le Jazz Hot! 2x16: Blackbird 2x18: As If We Never Said Goodbye 2x21: Some People 3x02: I’m The Greatest Star 3x17: I Have Nothing 3x18: Not The Boy Next Door 3x22: I’ll Remember 4x09: Being Alive 4x21: You Are the Sunshine of My Life 5x15: I’m Still Here 6x12: Mr. Cellophane Duets: 1x09: Defying Gravity (with Rachel) 1x15: 4 Minutes (with Mercedes) 1x16: A House is Not A Home (with Finn) 2x04: Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again (with Rachel) 2x09: Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (with Rachel) 2x10: Baby It’s Cold Outside (with Blaine) 2x15: Animal (with Blaine) 2x16: Candles (with Blaine) 2x22: For Good (with Rachel) 3x01: Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (with Rachel) 3x07: Perfect (with Blaine) 3x09: Let It Snow (with Blaine) 4x10: White Christmas (with Blaine) 4x13: Bring Him Home (with Rachel) 4x14: Just Can’t Get Enough (with Blaine) 4x15: Come What May (with Blaine) 5x01: Got To Get You Into My Life (with Blaine) 5x02: Get Back (with Rachel) 5x09: I Believe in a Thing Called Love (with Starchild) 5x13: I Am Changing (with Mercedes) 5x14: You Make Me Feel So Young (with Blaine) 5x14: Rockstar (with Starchild) 5x16: Love Is a Battlefield (with Blaine) 5x18: Story of My Life (with Blaine) 5x19: Lucky Star (with Maggie) 5x19: Memory (with Maggie) 5x20: American Boy (with Blaine) 6x03: It’s Too Late (with Blaine) 6x07: Somebody Loves You (with Blaine) 6x12: Popular (with Rachel) 6x13: Daydream Believer (with Blaine) Group Features: 5x07: Into the Groove Follow us on Twitter: @choirroompod E-mail us! Feedback, ideas, fact-checks, anything! choirroompodcast@gmail.com Want to help financially support the show? paypal.me/choirroompodcast

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