076. How to Use Stations in Your Choir Rehearsal!


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When my kids were little, they used to talk about how "stations" was one of their favorite parts of the school day, because they got to do lots of different things! Which got me thinking--how could we use stations in a choir rehearsal?
In Episode 76 of the podcast, I discuss exactly that--situations when stations might be a useful rehearsal strategy, the types of activities you could include, and logistical things to consider. I hope that this episode inspires you to add the use of stations in your choir rehearsals to your rehearsal toolbox--it can be an incredibly effective strategy!
In addition to this episode, I also recorded a short video where I give you a tour of my stations setup and talk about the different activities I included. You can see that video over on my YouTube channel, which you can find here. Or, just search on YouTube for the "Choir Director Corner"!
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