Chiswick Book Festival 2020: The Nine Waves - The Extraordinary Story of Indian Cricket


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Mihir Bose, author of over 30 books and the BBC’s first sports news editor, has analysed and reported global sport incisively for nearly 50 years. He has followed Indian cricket since his school days and in The Nine Waves he writes with special authority about the history of the game in India, tracing its journey from colonial dependency to superpower.

Peter Oborne and Richard Heller, journalists and cricket fanatics who have toured south Asia with Mihir as their captain, talk to him about The Nine Waves – The Extraordinary Story of Indian Cricket.

Since the beginning of the lockdown in 2020, when the playing of cricket was cancelled along with everything else because of the coronavirus pandemic, they have been recording a weekly podcast for the ‘cricket deprived’. When play resumed they saw no reason to stop.

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