Bee Breath Meditation - Throat Chakra Healing


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🐝Today we are doing the beautiful Bhramari Pranayama or Bee Breath 🐝
This is the most direct way I know of balancing the throat chakra! We will settle and become aware of the breath and then closing the eyes and ears with the careful placement of the hands we will hum our exhalation, creating a magical vibration, a resonance, in the skull and in the body. It is revitalising and soothing for the throat chakra but also for the entire nervous system. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety this can be a game changer!
I hope that you will add this tool to your kit so that you can use it whenever you need to re-centre, energise your throat chakra and sooth your nervous system. As promised I will re-post the Instagram that I did a while back with the demonstration at @yogawithrosanne so you can see the hand position if it is not clear for you in my description!
Also, a quick reminder that the 8-week Chakra Way course starts this coming Thursday on 23rd September so if you have been thinking about joining - this is you last chance to book your spot!
Much love

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