Ep 727 | Elon Musk Joins Chad in CULT of Diet Coke | Guest: Sara Gonzales


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The Christmas spirit has struck Chad, and the set is now home to its own Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The Metaverse has joined the Chad household, and Chad gives a full review of the Oculus. Is Mark Zuckerberg brainwashing Chad via the Metaverse? Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host and Elon expert, joins the podcast to discuss the rise of hate towards free speech. Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, took to social media and showed his bedside night table, and the Left is losing its mind again. On the table you can see things like a George Washington picture, a cosplay gun, and Diet Coke. The Washington Post even ran an article, “Elon Musk and the hardcore cult of Diet Coke." Why is this something that needs to be written? The White House is now on record as keeping a “close eye” on Twitter. Why is the White House so focused on Twitter and not on TikTok? On Monday, President Biden’s Secret Service rental vehicles caught on fire just one day after the president left a Nantucket vacation. A children's hospital in Wisconsin is getting some heat after hiring a transgender activists as a chaplain. As Disney continues to target our kids, the latest Disney movie, “Strange World,” flops at the box office and is the lowest-rated Disney film in years. When will Disney learn?

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