Episode 63 | The Show Must Go On


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The guys had to take a little bit of a break but we are BACK once again! We start the show off talking about the latest Tiger Woods car accident. Dave Chappelle back on Netflix, and what is going on in the comedy scene in Texas (5:28) Our thoughts on the new Mortal Kombat movie coming out (10:05) We wrap up the NFL season for the year (19:35) and Don gives us a serious Tom Brady rant (24:20) We get into the allegations against Marilyn Manson, and if Armie Hammer is a..... cannibal?! (31:25) We get into some new movies and what we've been watching the last month (55:34) and as always the show ends with some new hip hop (1:15:37) . . . . . Follow us on IG and Facebook @TheCDJpodcast The CDJ Podcast is @Charleswilliam17 @Coachdoncote @Jessethabarber

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