Birding with Keiron Lee Vine on the Isle of Wight #104


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In October 2020, I took a vacation on the Isle of Wight.

While there, I was delighted to meet up with local birder (and past guest) Keiron Lee Vine.

Keiron took me to his local patch: Haddon’s Pits. We spent a lovely morning birding, getting spectacular views of a Kestrel and seeing large flocks of finches flying over.

Timestamps & Links:

00:00:00 Opening

00:00:50 Global Bird Weekend

The Casual Birder Podcast has entered a team for the Global Bird Weekend (on 8-10 October 2021) and I'd love you to join us.

There will be exclusive virtual events for members of the Casual Birder Podcast Team

00:03:31 Birding with Keiron

At Haddon’s Pits, Isle of Wight

00:13:23 Fundraising for Birdlife international

00:14:25 Wrap & Close

I'm grateful to Randy Braun for designing the artwork for the show.

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