The #1 Strategy to Freedom as a PT


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Here’s the problem:

You’re doing everything yourself. You’re out of time. You think making more money means working even harder.

The truth is, you just need to work smarter, not harder.

There’s really only 1 strategy I use to create more income and more freedom.

That’s automating courses, webinars, follow ups, sales, testimonials, etc

It has allowed me to grow my business over the summer, even when I wasn’t actively working in my business. It’s given me freedom!

It has allowed me to step back from my clinic to focus on helping other PT’s grow their business.

It has brought in over $120K in the last 12 months in evergreen course sales via an evergreen webinar...

It’s the one software and system that’s helped me more than anything else build a million dollar business...

The software I use is called The PT Email Engine.

It’s not only helped me it’s helped our Platinum Mastermind coaching clients too.

It’s the thing that’s helped Brandon Smith make $40K his 1st week in our mastermind and take his Patreon from $20K per year to over $120K per year.

it’s helped Jess Jenney automate her webinars and grow from $5K months to over $30K months.

It’s helped Veronica Whetsel make $6,000 from her patient list and Jordan Williams bring in $7,200 in patient revenue in 1 week during the summer of 2020!

Joe Gambino go from 200 email subscribers to over 2,000 in just 10 months.

That’s the software...

Here’s the strategy:

Take what you are already doing and automate it based on actions and time delays of your prospects, customers and patients.

Give to get, build an audience, create a proven offer, set up automated sequences, send out an emails and give your prospects what they want.

Let’s talk about just what to do on your clinic website.

You want 2 offers on your website. 1) free information 2) an opportunity to talk to you on the phone or visit you in your clinic

If you sell online courses or coaching you still need both 1) an irresistible free offer 2) an opportunity to talk to you about your high ticket thing and 3) probably a free webinar or training that sells your high ticket thing

Where to get it...

We talk about:


1:00 the problem

4:03 never having the time

9:00 it’s all about helping people

15:14 PT Email Engine

17:32 the strategy

21:00 give more than you get

24:32 tips for our clinic

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