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Today, I’m going to give you an email to send that can make you $1,000 or more. The PT Email Engine™️ is a powerful tool, if you only just use it!

But before I go into detail about the Black Friday PT Email Engine™️ offer, I want to give you value first.

I’ll explain the one email you need to send non-patients and the email you need to send previous and existing patients.

A Pre-Loaded Marketing Account to Generate a Consistent Flow of New Patients Every Month (Even If You Don't Have the Time to Learn a New Software) for Only $1!!!

I don’t know about your specific situation however I do know that when I started my cash practice back in 2009 I struggled to get new patients using the traditional marketing strategies taught by the APTA, the Private Practice Section and used by traditional clinics.

Those just didn't’ work, are too expensive for a small business and when does it ever feel good sucking up to the “doctors” and asking for handouts?

That especially doesn't feel right when you are a doctor too? Why should you have to beg and grovel for patients?

I think we can both agree that PT school didn’t give you the tools to demand much more than $100K/year nor teach you the strategies to run a profitable physical therapy business.

And since you’ve been trained to be skeptical and do your research, as we all should be, and PT business owners come to me every week asking to learn how to get new patients fast and create a consistent flow of new patients, that as an ethical and honest bribe to help you radically grow your PT business, I want to give you my best marketing emails and forms and set you up with your very own PT Email Engine™️ marketing account for just $1 for the first 30 days.

We’ve been using these marketing strategies ourselves and teaching them to the top cash practice owners in the USA since 2013 to generate millions of dollars in revenue and helps 100's of 1,000’s of patients Get PT 1st. It's time you had them at your disposal too!

That’s your email list.

We’ll help you build a powerful email list. One that does all the work for you and is the most valuable asset you own.

Something that is so valuable that it becomes your best employee and helps you generate at least $10 per contact per month!

Where to get it... www.PTEmailEngine.com


1:00 giving thanks

4:08 the two emails you need to send

10:20 simplicity of PT Email Engine™️

15:03 putting in the work

20:11 bonuses of the black Friday deal

21:43 having more than 1,000 contacts

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