Scott Johnson | The Proper Blokes Club | Breaking the stigma of men's mental health


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Our guest today is Scott Johnson Managing director of The Proper Blokes Club.

In Scott's words:

"The Proper Blokes Club (TPBC) started in September 2020 with a simple Facebook page. It showed videos of me walking around my favourite local spots, talking about the issues I’ve had in the past, and seeing if any local lads could resonate with how I was feeling, and hopefully get something out of it. It reminded me that I was not alone in this struggle.

After a couple of months and a break in lockdown, we were allowed to meet in groups. So I decided to put the word out on the local Facebook groups to see if anyone would like to join me on a walk and talk. One lad turned up and it’s grown weekly since. At this point, we currently have three locations, which are in Southwark, Greenwich, and Wallington (London), and we are still growing.

The quick growth of the group has shown me that this is something that is really needed in all communities.

Today Scott is going to talk about his career, his mission with The Proper Blokes Club, and the importance of mental health for men.

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