Lapora Lindsey | The power of rejection


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It 's human nature to avoid discomfort and rejection. But we know that growth and change can happen only outside our comfort zone. In this episode, Lapora Lindsey, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach (specifically Career Success Coach), and Author, is sharing how her negative mindset has affected her career several times, and how today she is helping others through career coaching and life skills management.
Some of the key learnings?
- Success needs to come from the inside out
- Rejection can't be avoided
- Wisdom is the power of rejection
LaPora Lindsey is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Certified Life Skills Coach, and Certified Professional Resume Writer. In 2008, she began working in coaching and social services. Since then, she has trained and educated thousands of clients with professional and career development through career coaching and life skills management. To discover more about her work visit
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