Chris Whitfield | Helping men to overcome the pain of miscarriage


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In this episode we're going to talk about career change with Chris Whitfield, Founder of Miscarriage for Men. We will discuss his military career change from Naval Aviator in the Royal Navy to Operations and Compliance Manager in the civilian world, and what took him to create Miscarriage for men.
After Chris and his wife Jade suffered a miscarriage in February 2021, and on the back of this, Chris realized that there was very little support or anywhere to turn to for men, who were going through the agony of miscarriage. Whilst a lot of sites offer advice, the majority was tailored towards women (and rightly so) but men will choose to hide this emotion rather than speak up about their emotional state. Miscarriage for men is a community that allows men to release their emotions and see stories from men in a similar scenario as them and let them know they are not alone.
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