Carrie Lynn Hotson | How to rock the job interview to get your dream job


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Our guest today is Carrie Lynn Hotson, job interview coach and HR Consultant.

Carrie has written 1000's interview questions, interviewed 100s and 100s of candidates, and SADLY had to watch as many people weren't able to succeed because they didn't know how to prepare.

Today she is going to talk want on the importance of understanding what each interview question means, how to find the right examples, structure your answers and HAVE FUN in the process!
You will learn:
How to land your dream jobs? What are the steps to follow?

What are the biggest mistakes you do before, during, and after an interview?

What is the best way to write a CV that will get you selected for an interview?

What is the best way to prepare for an interview?

How are answers marked during an interview?

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