Anastasia Attiki | How to overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotage to reach your potential


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In this new episode, we're going to talk about career change with Anastasia Attiki, Transformation Coach. We'll discuss her career change from marketing to teaching and finally coaching, why a successful career change needs to starts from the inside out, and the secret to overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.
Anastasia started her professional life with a career in marketing, but soon realized that wasn't the right environment for her. As a sensitive person, she needed something meaningful that helped people improve their lives.

She entered the world of education where she spent a decade teaching in Further Education. It was far more fulfilling and often rewarding, but she knew she wasn't quite there yet. Like most people, she didn't do enough research before she jumped into a new career and chose something 'safe'. But she knew her life purpose laid elsewhere. After taking some time to study several techniques and work out what was best for herself, in 2012 took the plunge and became a coach.
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