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Our guest today is Alfie G. Whattam, Business Leader (at a $1 billion company), Best-Selling Author of ‘Trust in Alfa’, and a Keynote Speaker.

From his own words “I started my career just a few short years ago with absolutely nothing. No fancy degree. No connections. No money.

But at a very young age, I've very quickly become a successful business leader, best-selling author, and keynote speaker.

In the past few years alone, I've started my own business, built a global online following, travelled the world, purchased my dream London property, got married, and so much more.

So... how was I able to make this rapid transformation?

Everything changed when I stopped making excuses, stopped procrastinating, and I started to invest in myself.

Today Alfie is here with us to talk about his career change, the best-selling book Trust in Alfa, and more.

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