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Happy September!
It feels so good to be back behind the podcast mic after a long summer holiday period hanging out with my children. I've missed you.
Before we return to our usual podcast programming, I wanted to make a quick announcement and invitation.
On 25 September 2022, I will be hosting our first Career Change Maker Live Event. I am super excited about creating this 1 day professional development seminar.
Initially this event was exclusively for past and client clients. However, since putting together the agenda I realised that what we will diving into on the day will be super valuable to my podcast audience too.
Soooo, I am offering 5 tickets to listeners of this show.
If you would like to be in the room with amazing professionals, incredible speakers and awesome energy as you work on your personal career development strategy, shoot me an email to janine@careerchangemakers.com and I will send you think link to get your ticket.

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