# 175: The Common Career Mistake Lawyers Make That Keeps Them Feeling Stuck


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In today’s episode of the ‘Career Change Maker’ podcast, I talk about the common career mistake lawyers make that keeps them feeling stuck. I am having this conversation, particularly because this is promotion season, and I thought it would be good to talk about this as I'm seeing it happen quite often.

Episode Highlights

· 02:00 – I want to support as many professional women as I can, particularly lawyers in this May Cohort of this career coaching program.

· 04:00 - On paper, if you're working hard, you're getting a promotion, and you're climbing the ladder then you are successful. But in reality, just getting the promotion isn't the only determining factor when it comes to success.

· 07:00 - As lawyers and professionals, sometimes we are so busy doing the work that we don't prioritise the time to take stock. Therefore, we feel the frustration and the misalignment, but we’re not paying attention to it.

· 08:45 - I think a lot of the time we're building up careers from an outside-in perspective, versus an inside-out perspective.

· 11:10 – I want to share with you the common mistake that the lawyers make is not paying enough attention to the misalignment that could be happening inside of their careers where there's misalignment between the expectations and the reality of what's going on.

What you will learn:

1. I often see a mismatch between the expectation of how we're going to feel, and then the reality of what happens when we get there because we use our logical brain. Your marker of success at the beginning, might not be your marker of success now. But one of the biggest mistakes lawyers make is not taking the time to take stock around this type of stuff, not recognising the misalignment that is happening, and not recognising that the misalignment is there.
2.The source of your frustration when you're saying expectations are not meeting the reality, that can be different for different people. So it's about you being able to say if I'm feeling frustrated then why is that? What about it is misaligned, and when do we need to go from here, because sometimes that misalignment can be a quick fix. Sometimes that misalignment means you need to consider doing things in a completely different way

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This episode was brought to you by my signature program, the Career Change Maker Program.
The May Cohort of the program will be specifically for Lawyers because it's one year since I left my legal career and completely went into what I wanted to do, and it has been a brilliant journey. So, if you are the one who is making a move and haven't been sure how to move forward, then go and make your application www.careerchangemakers.com/ccmprogram

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