#174: How My Career Changed For The Better After Covid-19 Lock Down


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In today’s episode of the ‘Career Change Maker’ podcast, I talk about how my career changed for the better post-COVID-19 Lockdown.
I am going to be sharing this because in a lot of areas I've experienced that it is relevant to people that I have been speaking to who are considering making a career move right now. There is a lot of movement that's happening in the marketplace. We're hearing about the resignation, and the great big shuffle.

Episode Highlights

· 06:35 - The reality is that your legal career is very sticky, which means that there are a lot of reasons why you will feel like you need to stay where you are.

· 11:20 - Instead of focusing on whether it is even possible for me to make a move, that focus can go to how can I make a move from where I am now in a way that allows me to leverage all of my experience and expertise that I have.

· 13:30 - Are you the same version of you that you were when you first started out in your career or when you first started this role? If not, maybe we need to pay attention to who are you right now so that you can move into a role that is well-aligned with who you are as a person.

What you will learn:

  1. I had time to think and reflect during the lockdown, and I asked myself the hard questions. What do I want to be doing with my career next? Yes, I have got to this point, and yes, I made the decision to get here but where do I want to go next? I came to a point where I had to decide whether I'm going to go all-in with my legal career or am I going to focus on the business because I didn't have the capacity to continue to do both.
  2. If you're a lawyer yourself and if you have been having some of those same conversations with yourself then I totally get it because the reality is the time that has been invested, the energy that has been invested, the desire to continue to have intellectual stimulation is understandable. When you brainstorm alternative career paths, it's probably likely that there isn't much that's coming up for you where you can say, yes, I can see how that's going to work. And so, what ends up happening is you're trying to look at alternatives, but the alternatives seem viable, and so because the alternative is still viable you backtrack and you're saying, well, I probably just need to stay where it is that I am right now.
  3. When I had time during the pandemic to pause and think and allow myself to explore what alternatives could look like. I guided myself through the data method and this method is about looking at defining exactly what it is you want to do with your career next, it is about aligning who you are as a person and what your expectations are to the vision that you now have. It's about creating a transition plan. How are you going to move out of the role that you're in right now toward what it is that you want to do?

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