Secrets to Improve Communication Skills and Critical Thinking


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Jim Rowe, a marketing veteran of 45 years, started in market research after receiving his BS in Marketing from Fairfield University, CT. Jim has held client and agency positions including Brand Manager, Coke; VP Marketing, Cutty Shark; President of Promotion and InterMark Divisions, Saatchi Howard Marlboro Group; plus 30+ years as an owner of Manhattan Marketing Ensemble then Jim Rowe Marketing.

During the show we discuss:

● The biggest issues companies face now

● How modern technology has adversely affected our ability to communicate

● Why writing less has an adverse impact

● What are the fundamentals of communication

● Why you must know who your audience is

● Why you need to know the purpose of your communication

● Why knowing the background or situation status is essential

● How to define the problem your communication is going to help solve

● How to define your objectives and properly measure results

● How to determine the tactics you’ll use to get the goal you want

● Why critical thinking is an essential skill employees must have

● How to get your company positioning right and why it matters

● How to write persuasively?

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