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Tammy Brinkerhoff joins me for another segment celebrating National Adoption Month. She's joined by Trisha who is an adoptee as well as the birth mother to two children she gave up for adoption.

If you've been looking for a reason to cut back on your time on Facebook, here's a dandy. Thorsteinn Siglaugsson has a detailed explanation of how Facebook delivers us from truth.

The best government is the one closest to the people being governed. Here's a good example from Oregon where sheriffs are refusing to enforce a new gun control law on their citizens.

The so-called fact checkers are awfully busy these days. Paul Craig Roberts lays out the 'fact check' scam and how it's nothing more than censorship repackaged.

As if we needed further justification to distrust a manipulative, lying media, an errant anti-aircraft missile fired by Ukraine explodes in a Polish border town and the press nearly lies us into WW III. This is beyond reckless reporting. It's unhinged.


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