2022 Nov 3 The Bryan Hyde Show


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November is Adoption Month and Tammy Brinkerhoff joins me for the first of several interviews about adoption. She and I both have some personal experience with adoption in our own lives and Tammy is a tireless advocate.

Hopefully, you've heard about the Department of Homeland Security teaming up with social media giants to censor viewpoints they don't want heard. Jim Bovard breaks it down and explains how the war on disinformation is spreading.

Can you think of any other time in your lifetime, other than the last 3 years, where there has been so much effort to keep people from questioning what government is telling them? Michael Bryant describes how covid-19 has left us with a universe of questions in a time of universal deceit.

Here's a story that refuses to remain swept under the rug. Edward Ring details how unexplained excess deaths are on the rise and the trend is not slowing.

Those claiming to want "pandemic amnesty" would like us to forgive them and move on. Karen Kwiatkowski says, if you want forgiveness, here's a 12 step program to get you started.

If you're not familiar with the case of Missouri v. Biden, you may want to pay attention. As Thomas L. Knapp explains, this lawsuit is a perfect chance to put America's Lysenko under oath.


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