2022 Nov 29 The Bryan Hyde Show


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Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me to talk current events and strategies for keeping our freedoms in an age of irrationality.

Dr. Shanon Brooks from Monticello College stops by to talk about the coming digital currency and how it will become a tool of control. He also explains the new economy and how to keep your freedom and financial solvency by extracting yourself from the system.

On yesterday's show I mentioned Paul Rosenberg's latest essay on our moral obsession. Here's a link if you'd like to read it yourself or share it with others.

Dr. Fauci was deposed recently and though no transcript has been released and no reporters were present, there are a few things we've learned. Here's an excellent article from the Brownstone Institute on Fauci's 7 hour deposition and what we know so far.


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