2022 Nov 16 The Bryan Hyde Show


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Thinking about the legacy you will leave may seem like a heavy topic. Annie Holmquist says leaving a legacy through simplicity is a decision we must make sooner than later.

The Jan 6 show trials are intended to discourage all dissent against the current administration. Julie Kelly reports that the feds had informants in both the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys long before Jan 6.

With wokeness being pushed on us from so many angles, it's refreshing to get a break. Alexander Riley shares a rare exception to the 24/7 woke rule at NPR.

Speaking of the woke, check out the Z-man's latest column on the rise of the spiteful mutants. It explains a lot of the craziness that has been normalized of late.

One of the downsides of human nature is that we often fail to learn from our mistakes. Jeffrey A. Tucker warns that they will lock you down again, if you let them.


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