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What's the difference between free speech and a permissive platform? Thomas L. Knapp has an informative take on the matter and concludes that both of them are a good thing.

It used to be that only conspiracy theorists believed that satan-worshipping pedophiles were at the top levels of politics and the entertainment industry. But it's looking more and more like the truth these days. Mark Judge explains how the left is quickly descending into nihilism and child pornography.

Don't look now but mask mandates are back for members of America's armed forces. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty has a powerful warning about the evil of coerced medicine.

Two members of Oathkeepers have been convicted by a D.C. jury of seditious conspiracy. Does that mean that Jan 6 was an insurrection? Jacob Hornberger says absolutely not.

To hear social justice types tell it, marriage was an invention of the state. Anyone who has studied history knows that's not the case. Ryan McMaken recounts how the state seized control of marriage.


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