2022 Oct 31 The Bryan Hyde Show


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Ready for a down and dirty recap of what's going on in the world? James Howard Kunstler describes the lay of the land as the midterm elections approach.

Manipulators love to put their victims on the horns of a dilemma. As Bretigne Shaffer points out, we shouldn't have to choose between mob justice and the police state.

With a growing number of people getting tired of the current political shenanigans, the November mid term elections could be a long overdue correction. J. Peder Zane warns that the mid terms are just a bump in the road for mainstream propagandists.

Keeping alive the memory of what was done to us, through lockdowns and mandates, isn't a matter of holding a grudge. It cannot be allowed to happen again. And Michael Senger notes that the folks gaslighting us over lockdowns are the ones who need to feel the heat.

If we needed further proof of how wokeness has captured the levers of power, here's something to consider. Boyd Cathey explains the American 'war for righteousness' is a war for evil and it uses the exact language of the cancel culture mob.


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