2022 Oct 28 The Bryan Hyde Show


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There are many reasons to have a healthy skepticism regarding our medical system. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty explains the rise of the biomedical security state and what it means for each of us.

What's the difference between government and the mafia? As Eric Peters explains, the difference is that the mafia doesn't pretend it's doing you a favor as it threatens you.

The growing tendency to punish medical doctors who question the official consensus is a lasting reminder of what we lost under lockdowns. Jeffrey A. Tucker reminds us to remember those who cannot speak out.

If you stand for personal freedom, limited government and the protection of personal property rights, you're considered "threat to democracy." Chuck Watson compares the democrats' democracy with the GOP's republic.

Score another one for the conspiracy theorists. Quoth The Raven says, it's official: Senate report concludes that covid came from "research related incident."


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