2022 Nov 8 The Bryan Hyde Show


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Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me for some election day commiseration.

It's becoming clear that the people in power are working overtime to destroy what remains of our freedoms. Max Borders tackles the tough question facing the American people: What is the revolutionary trigger for our time?

Being called a conspiracy theorist is rarely a compliment. Daisy Luther has a surprisingly rational defense of the willingness to question the official narrative and to exercise our freedom to discuss things that frighten the powers that be.

Whether you're superstitious or not, a blood moon on the same day as this year's midterm elections is a curious coincidence. J.B. Shurk has some hopeful prognostication on the projected red wave that may accompany the lunar eclipse.

Few movies have better captured the reality of how governments will exploit crises to expand their control like V for Vendetta. Daniel Buck has an excellent breakdown of how the centralization of government power threatens our liberty.


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