2022 Nov 4 The Bryan Hyde Show


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Why did the lockdowns feel so much like martial law? The Brownstone institute has been connecting the dots and the answer is that the government's national security arm led the covid response. These agencies are supposed to respond to terrorism and wars, not public health crises.

The culture warriors are busy trying to replace the word "equality" with the word "equity." But these words are far from interchangeable. Lawrence W. Reed has a great essay on when equality becomes evil.

One of the biggest civics challenges we face is that political officials rarely have the humility to admit they don't know something. Michael Munger explains why what ain't so can hurt you.

Edward Curtain has been swinging for the fences lately and he connects big time in his latest essay. Curtain's take on self-destructive social habits, loneliness and propaganda is a home-run.

The pleas for amnesty and forgiveness from the folks who pushed covid policies have prompted some amazing responses. The Bionic Mosquito has a dandy titled "Let's first see if they drown."


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