2022 Nov 30 The Bryan Hyde Show


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The Jan 6 narrative is intended to keep us from noticing how our federal government has slipped off its leash and is running wild while savaging everything in sight. Michael Tracy has a Twitter thread that clearly demonstrates how federal prosecutors used geofencing data to equate presence with criminality.

We all struggle to admit when we're wrong. At the same time, no one seems to have a tougher time admitting fallibility than our expert class. Claudio Grass wonders, are progressive experts fallible? He says, yes, but don't tell them.

Why do we advocate for freedom, even when it irritates the masses? Because, deep down inside, we know that the best things in our lives depend upon it. J.B. Shurk explains why some will run and some will stay when the going gets tough. Which camp will you be in?

The future of freedom rests upon our willingness to teach its principles and practices to our children. As John Conlin puts it, politics might be downstream from culture but everything is downstream from K-12 education.


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