2022 Nov 22 The Bryan Hyde Show


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Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos is my guest as we explore what remains of sanity and rational thought in a chaotic world.

You risk being labeled as a "denier" by even contemplating the prospect of election fraud or manipulation. Having said that, Lew Rockwell has a thought-provoking article on how to steal an election that would be well worth your while.

The great purge of everything that came before us isn't about to spare the Thanksgiving holiday. Eric Lendrum reports that media and schools continue to demonize Thanksgiving as part of their woke agenda.

There's a great reset that many of us are becoming ready to embrace, but it's not the one proffered by the World Economic Forum. As J.B. Shurk explains, it's the one that hits Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the totalitarian state before it it's too late.


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