2022 Nov 2 The Bryan Hyde Show


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Central bank digital currencies are quickly approaching. Convenience will be a major selling point. Jeff Thomas warns to beware the pied piper of CBDCs and where they might lead us.

Parents are a force to be reckoned with when their children are being exposed to woke indoctrination. Joanna Williams explains why American parents are revolting against schools that indoctrinate their children.

The biggest question to be answered in next week's mid term elections is whether we will see the beginning of authentic accountability in the results. Matthew Boose says this is why the Democrats are already screaming in protest.

Many of us are feeling indignation at the suggestion of amnesty for the architects of the lockdowns. Brian Almon has a thoughtful take on where and when we should consider forgiveness for their actions.

A crippling diesel shortage is slowly heaving into view. Michael Snyder explains what it will mean for the economy in 2023. Meanwhile, Daisy Luther explores how to best prepare for such a shortage.


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