2022 Nov 11 The Bryan Hyde Show


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It's telling that people on all sides of the political spectrum are still trying to make sense of why the midterms went the way they did. Jordan Schachtel says, considering the wins for free state Americans and security state Americans, we're facing a Balkanized future.

It's clear that nothing will be changing in the nation's capitol as a result of the election. Ryan McMaken explains why this means that the real battle is now in the states.

Changing popular culture is a bottom-up rather than a top-down endeavor. Andrea Widburg has an excellent essay why Republicans must actively engage in and change popular culture while there's still time to act.

The dire warnings of how failure to vote with the current administration would "threaten our democracy" may have been a bit overblown. Michael Shellenberger says democracy wasn't on the ballot, extremism was and it was rejected.

When a system of governance becomes thoroughly corrupted, it sets the stage for its own collapse. Charles Hugh Smith has a great explanation of what happens when corruption rules the nation.


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