2022 Nov 1 The Bryan Hyde Show


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I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to visit with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos each week. Eric is a superb writer and thinker and a great source of wisdom.

It's pretty bold to start promoting the idea of covid amnesty where we all just suck it up and move on. Check out El Gato Malo's takedown of Emily Oster's no good, really bad idea.

Sometimes the best thing government can do is simply get out of the way. Paul Rosenberg's frank letter to the homeless man under the bridge is a perfect illustration of why.

Can an evil act be justified if we believe it is sufficiently positive? Jon Miltimore explains the ethics of 'would you kill baby Hitler?' and how it's not as clear cut as we imagine.

The flat out abusive governance of the past couple of years is motivating a lot of voters in this midterm. J.B. Shurk says this is the hands-off-our-kids election.


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